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Is my Biology HL IA topic good enough? (help)

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So my current topic for my Biology HL IA is "How does pH affect the glucose content in milk?" and I'm not sure if it is good enough to get a good grade (7). I wanted to change the pH of milk by the addition of bases and acids and then adding lactase which would break lactose into glucose and galactose. Then I would use glucose test strips to see what the content of glucose in all of the samples is.

Is it good enough? Should I make it more complicated by checking something else? Or should I look for another topic?

All tips and help would be much appreciated! 

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I would go with something a little more specific, since the short title is a bit misleading in that it does not disclose the additional lactase portion of the lab. I think it has good potential, but needs elaboration. Maybe something like "The effects of pH on the ability of lactase to break lactose into galactose and glucose".

Usually more than 2 dynamic variables can cause unneeded complications, but with a little tinkering and hard work I think you can achieve a good grade. 

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