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I am thinking of taking two sciences at higher level (help!)

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Hi, these are my options so far...

HL: Physics, Biology, English

SL: Econ, Spanish, Maths AA


I'm worried about taking two sciences at HL. No one at my school has done that before and I'm afraid it's going to be too difficult (I want to get a good grade of ib). I am fascinated by physics and biology, plus I am thinking about going to medical school or studying physics so I know that both courses will help me decide what I want to study. Has anyone taken two sciences at HL or do you know anyone who has? I welcome any suggestions!
Thank you :D


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HL physics is one of the hardest science, but HL Bio is mainly memorization based, so taking those 2 should be fine in terms of difficulty. EXCEPT, my main concern for you is... you're not taking chemistry.  My school a totally doesnt allow us to take bio without chemistry because half of the bio course is biochemistry and you need the foundation taught in chem to be able to fully understand the biochem part. But if there is no way for you to take chem and you're really keen on taking physics and bio, its do able, but might require a lot of self studying for bio.

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A lot of people I know are taking 2 sciences at HL (I'm taking Biology and Chemistry HL). And it's actually not very difficult in my opinion. I don't know how difficult HL Physics is but it's probably similar to Chemistry in terms of the difficulty of the things you need to understand, so Physics and Biology should be a good combination. However, if you want to study medicine, you should check the requirements at some universities in some countries that you're considering, because a lot of them require Chemistry at HL for medicine.

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