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Could use some help from students in IB for picking classes

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I am currently in MYP 5 and we must turn in our diploma forms by next week, I have some classes already picked but I am really struggling with picking my HL classes.  I know I could just ask my counselor or something (I have) but since they're faculty, they usually don't say which classes are not worth it because of their difficulty. 

For general context: I'm a great student and have a top 5 grade average in my grade, however I'm worried going into the IB next year. For college, I'd like to study in the US with a major that has something to do with management and a minor in Biology. I am originally from the United States, but fully fluent in Spanish, however I struggle with higher level content. This means that they will force me to take Spanish A unless I take French, which will also lower my average grade just as much. I love writing in English, and I'm talented in Math and all the sciences.

Right now I'm mostly considering taking: English A HL, Spanish A SL, Biology HL, Physics SL, and then I'm between Math HL and Business Management HL (The one that I don't choose at HL, I'll do in SL).

I love writing and I'm in a writing club of sorts so I am strongly considering English A HL, however I'm worried it'll just be more reading than SL. Then obviously, I want to do Biology HL for my minor (this is my most concrete HL choice). However after that, I don't know whether to do business management HL or Math HL. BM HL obviously pertains more to my college interests, however I've heard that it's somewhat easy and doesn't count for much in college's eyes. The opposite is true for Math HL, since it's much more universal but everyone says it is hell and that it's not worth it. 

If any of you all have suggestions for what I should take in HL, it would be incredibly appreciated. I don't know almost anyone in IB and I just wish I could have some more insight from people already in it. 

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