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IB Choices to be made this week

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Hi everyone, 

We have to make our choices for the Diploma by Monday ideally although definitely by Friday. 

I am trying to get some advice on my subjects and would really appreciate your views/thoughts:

Background: I am really excited by doing Medicine as a career. However, I know that I a bit (not overly!), but a bit squeamish at the sight of blood. Because of this I am unable to back myself 100% to say that I will be able to do. People I have talked to say that everyone is a bit uncomfortable at first and so it will be fine but still wanted some thoughts from other people. Because I'm unsure about medicine the other thing in my mind if finance. 

Secondly, the IB choices that I am making are two fold: 1) I want to do things that interest me + are required for a potential degree. 2) I want a subject that is easy to get a 7 in if I'm stuck between 2 of equal weighting. 

OK, so currently I have made the following choices:

HL: Maths (Analysis), Chemistry 

SL: English 

For my remaining HL I am debating between Biology and Physics; as I say, I am stuck whether I will do Medicine. Taking Physics will still allow me to take Medicine but at a limited range of universities. (Oxbridge but not any London ones). In terms of interest, on one day I think I'll enjoy Biology more and on another I feel I'll enjoy Physics more. I love problem solving but am also very good at memorising stuff. 

For my remaining two SL subjects: It's greek vs French. (Ancient) greek seems to be very easy, French will be more useful later on, but French I can learn later on?

Finally: Humanity SL: Econ vs Philosophy - no idea between the two. 

As I say I would really really be so grateful for all the advice I get!

Best wishes, Rohan 


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If you're considering medicine, I would choose Biology HL. It's way more useful at medicine and you have more options to study this course as more universities require Biology for medicine. Physics is mot really useful at medicine and nor at finance so whatever path you eventually choose, Physics won't be needed.

As for the humanities subject, if I were you, I would choose Econ. I don't know much about Philosophy, though, because it's not available at my school. I think Econ might be more useful if you choose to study finance. I'm not taking it, but I've heard that it's also quite easy to get a 7 in.

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many thanks - that clears a couple of things up. 

I'm also thinking of maybe doing a maths degree from somewhere like Cambridge. Another big thing in the future will be artificial intelligence, I think. Do you think taking Physics will be useful for that? If yes, then would you still advise going for Biology or would your inclination be more with Physics. 

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I checked it at Cambridge university web page (but you probably did as well) and they require Maths HL for Mathematics course and Maths and Physics for Mathematics and Physics course. So if you want to study simply Mathematics, I think it's fine if you have only Maths HL (without Physics). I don't really know, maybe Physics would be still useful at the course, but I think it's not that necessary. But I don't how much you want to study medicine, I mean how likely it is that you will choose medicine, because if you don't actually want to study it (because of the problems with blood etc.), then you can go for Physics. But on the other hand, if you're really planning to study medicine, Biology will be much more useful than Physics (especially that Physics is still not required at the other courses you're considering). Besides, I think that combo Physics, Maths and Chemistry HL is one of the hardest ones, because these subjects require a lot of hard work and practise. One of my classmates has these 3 HLs and he really studies a lot, it takes really much time to study for those subjects. 

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