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3 AoKs in a question that specifies 2 AoKs

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15 hours ago, godsavetheib said:

In my TOK essay I am using three AoKs although the question asks for two; however, two of them (econ and psychology) are in human sciences, is this ok?

So, you are in fact using two AoKs but examples from three subjects. What point are you using the example of econ to make that's not being made with psychology? In other words, what benefit does using two examples from the same AoK give you? If it's to reiterate the same point, the drop one of the examples - you only need to make the point once.

My experience with these kinds of issues is that depth is being sacrificed for breadth. If you are taking the time to treat the topics correctly, then you should have no problem meeting (if not a problem with exceeding!) the word count with and example along with counter-claim from two AoKs.

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