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Biology EE help!

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I have my first draft due in 2 days and my final draft for submission due in 6 days, I have only planned my essay, my essay question is: Are any essential amino acids deficient in a vegan diet? I have just read a thread which specifies NOT to do any group 4 essays without experiments, but, up to today, I have arranged my essay with my supervisor (who has never taught IB) to be literature-based, and I beleive it is too late to change that now; will that affect my grade? Also, I am vegan and was wondering if I take a blood test wether that can be used or identified as an experiment... What do you think? I would also greatly appreciate if anyone knows a place where I can find studies and researched carried out on my topic because there doesn't seem to be much on it....

Thank you very much!!!


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