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How did you come up with your EE research question (chemistry)?

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I've been working on a topic/research question for a chem EE, but everything I'm thinking of is too simple, and for examples I find online I don't know what half the words in the research question mean. How are IB1 students expected to think of a chem EE research question when they've only been taught a couple topics? I'm finding it very difficult, so my question is, how were you able to formulate/think of a complex enough chemistry EE research question? And if you had similar struggles as I am having now, how did you overcome them?

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I am doing my EE in Biology, so maybe it's not really the same, but when I was looking at other EEs, I found it really hard to understand some of them. I would suggest thinking of the area in Chemistry that seems interesting to you and look for some research (not essentially an EE) on that topic, or at least some popular science articles on that and when you read maybe at least 1 or a few, you will get to know the topic more and then you can look for some EE on it. At least that's what I did with mine which is about bacteria, so basically I thought I wanted to do something related to bacteria, so I checked some words that often appeared in bacteria EEs like Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, the names of some bacteria and then I thought of the things that can be actually investigated when it comes to bacteria, like improving/reducing growth, what are the surfaces that have more bacteria on it and then looked for some specific research in that specific areas when I e.g. decided to see what can reduce the growth of some "bad" bacteria and then took it all together and made the research question and the plan for the EE. Well, I think that Bio and Chem are similar subjects so I hope you can apply some of this advice to your EE ;)

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