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Retaking the first year of IB

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Hello everyone. I live in Dubai and go to an IB school. This is my first year in the IB and honestly I haven't done too well. My grades have been a bit over the place mainly because of the things that I prioritise over school, such as friends etc. I may have to move back to Finland, where I am from, at the end of this year and was wondering if it would be possible to repeat the first IB year again, as none of the schools there have all the subjects that I want to take. Has it been done before, and what are your general opinions on redoing the first year of IB. Personally I would see it as a chance to get my grades higher and be able to learn to make better choices.

Here are my classes for reference:

Spanish B SL

Psych HL

English HL

Math AI SL

Physics SL

Global Politics HL


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