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My English A teacher tricked me for the EE - help

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Hi all!

So basically, I had a topic ready for my EE, but then my teacher, who is also my EE mentor, decided that she wanted to put the book that I am researching for my EE as a free-choice for my English class, Little did I know, there is a new rule stating that we can't write EE's on books that we analyze in class, so now I have to change my topic and I need help.

I was thinking of doing something on how eating disorders are portrayed in literature, and thus focusing on couple of literary works.

Please, if you are a genius and now how to formulate EE questions, and/or know of a good book about eating disorders, please help me out.

I will be forever grateful!

I wish u all the luck (cause we're IB students and we need it).


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