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Bio IA: Yeast Respiration

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Hi, I should be pilot testing by now but I am still planning my IA now, and I was thinking to do about the effect of temperature on yeast respiration (C02 concentration).

Since I live in Japan, I thought I could use 'Miso', which is fermented soybeans used mostly for soup.

And I would like to prepare 5 temperature of water bath (10,20,30,40,50) and do 5 trials for each test to see the change in the rate of respiration using cO2 censor.

However, the problem is that there are lots of factors that affect yeast respiration such as:

1. O2/Co2concentration in atmosphere

2. pH 

3. Water Content 

4. Mount of respirable material

My IV is the temperature, and DV will be CO2 concentration. What should I do with the controlled variable for this experiment? Should I control all the factors that I listed above? 

ALSO, what kind of statistical test can I use for this experiment?

I would highly appreciate if someone could answer this!!! Please

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