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Grade 11 First Semester Exams

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I just did my grade 11 first semester exams and they aren't looking too good. Are the marks important when applying to universities?

3 of the subjects were SL and one HL. 

Like what semester marks are important when applying to universities? 



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8 hours ago, EricJohn said:

2/3 of my HL Physics semesters are in Gr12. If my mark isn't as good in Gr11, can I still use my gr12 first semester mark to apply to universities in Canada? 

My school doesn’t even give us any marks for DP1, so what I’ve done is send my grades from 9th, 10th and predicted grades. (For both the US & Canada)

this has caused issues in the US Bc some unis don’t even consider predicted grades for admission purposes

But it’s okay w/ Canada so far, I haven’t heard back from them yet but I checked their website (UoT) and it should be fine the way I did it, otherwise I’d advice you to actually email the universities and ask or maybe try to compare your GPA to the GPA they want since - at least for the unis I applied to in the US - they don’t really say how many points they want.

also for the US you gotta do the SAT Bc most unis want that 

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