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Film Studies Extended Essay. Good Idea?

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Hi all,

I'm going through the panic phase of IB where EE and IAs started to thrown at our faces. And I have to come up with a EE topic and subject. One of my option is to take it in Econ HL, my supervisor would be a experienced Econ teacher and EE examiner. However, I don't find Econ nearly as interesting. On the other hand, I thought film studies could be fun. Granted I don't take film studies, but I've been working as a professional cinematographer for the past 5 years, so I theory my knowledge would be far beyond than the scope of IB film. My concern would be the different terminology that's used across the fields (as it seems like they really look for this according to examiner's notes). Have anyone here perhaps had experience on both sides, production and studies, who could tell me how much over laps there are?

I would also have a much less experienced supervisor if I take film studies (all of the perienced ones left last year), though I hope I can overcome this by raw knowledge.

All opinions are appreciated.


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