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Heyy! I am a student who is currently in Y11 and is going to study the IB Diploma starting next year. I would like to study astrophysics or law in uni and here are my current option choices:

HL Physics, Maths AA, English Lit

SL Economics, Spanish, Chemistry 

The problem here is that I absolutely love theatre but equally love chemistry and so I cannot choose between the to. The majority of the universities I have looked at and even spoken to do not have chemistry as a requirement but a few recommend having two sciences instead on one. I am passionate about both subjects, get the same grades in both (around an A/A*) and don't have a requirement for them in the future and therefore I am stuck in a dilemma. 

I really want to be able to take both, but the pressure from 7 subjects would be overwhelming but if I decide to take Theatre instead of Chemistry, I would like to take it at HL instead and have 4 HL'S + 2 SL's. But, my school isn't allowing me to do so. 

I would really appreciate if you could help me out and suggest which subject I should take and why. Also, if possible, could you help me find a valid point to convince my school to let me take 4 HL subjects. Thanks!

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Does your school have regular theatre classes as well as IB classes? That's what some of my friends in IB and in theatre do. For my school, we run on a block schedule with 4 classes a day so 8 total class blocks. I was able to take a theatre class last year, and a chorus class this year. If not, you should still be able to audition/crew for the plays or if your school has an International Thespian Society, join that. Honestly, the school is right that you don't want to do 4 HLs, even if one of them is theatre due to the exams and all the work HLs have. I don't know of anyone who has done 4 HLs/2 SLs. Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much, this really does help! But the real question is, should I take theatre arts or chemistry? I love both and really can't imagine doing only one of them so what do you suggest would better? 

I'm not sure what you mean by regular theatre classes but we do have school plays and I am going to audition for it this year. 

Thank you so much once again for your input!


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If you love doing both, then see if there's a way to do both. Maybe do math as an SL and Theatre as an HL, or maybe Theatre SL instead of Economics? It's whatever you want to do.

By regular theatre classes I mean non-IB, like Honors Theatre or classes like that. 

Anytime! If you have more questions feel free to ask away!

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I am pretty sure my school does not have an Honors Theatre or something. 

I did try speaking with members of staff at my school but all of them said that I need to choose. They said I could drop a subject such as Economics to take both Chemistry and Theatre Arts but then it wouldn't be a full diploma and there isn't really a point in doing IB if you don't take the full diploma. 

Which would you suggest could help me more?


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