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IB 2021 Math Option

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I took 10 IGCSEs in June 2019 (edexcel sciences which are practically A JOKE compared to IB HL sciences) got a 9 for Biology and Physics, and an 8 for Chemistry. (graded by the new 9-1 grading system) and took CIE IGCSEs in Economics, Eng Lang, Computer Science, Mandarin 2nd lang (4As), Eng Lit, Music (2Bs) and Additional Math (1C) (pretty much the reason why I am writing this post). I also took IGCSE CIE extended math in June 2018 (A).

My current subject selection is (exams in Nov 2021)

HL: Chemistry, Biology, Economics

SL: Math AA, English A: LAL, Chinese B (Nov 2020)

started two full weeks of school so far...

Math AA SL has been a breeze, I know the first part is always easy, but I have looked through the syllabus tried some questions and I am able to do most of them (except for some of the statistics). I am also afraid of being cocky in SL just because I took additional math at IGCSE.

I honestly have no idea what I want in terms of university or career choice. I know I'm being ambitious but I would be a dream to study medicine in the UK (probably definitely not going to make the cut at oxbridge) but I want to (try) for imperial and UCL, bristol would be nice too. But considering that the field is EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE, I still want to keep my options open and HL economics isn't a pre requisite for any course, whereas just having HL math would leave open so many more options.

I'm afraid the combination of my IGCSE math grades and taking SL math will make it seem like I just gave up midway. Usually, when HL Biology and Chemistry are taken together it is usually taken with HL math, and will doing HL Economics seem like I'm taking the 'easy way out'? My other option that I have heard many other people do before. However, I have also heard that dropping a 4th HL midway will also look bad to universities as it seems like you dropped it because you are not good enough or you cannot cope. My school only offers AA Math: SL and HL.

My experience with:

IGCSE Economics:Y10: Only my first test was an A (most of the year averaging B, mid course: C)

Y11: (got new teacher) and got kinda had better relationship with new teacher but still averaging B (mock: B)

somehow in the the final I got an A honestly because I just memorised mark scheme answers for the 6/8 markers the NIGHT BEFORE THE EXAM and someone said they were going to give me money if I got an A (still haven't gotten it)

i dont even read the news that often - and I always get confused with the interest rate stuff

IGCSE Additional Math: (completed in 1 1/2 year)

Y10: Started off HORRIBLE (C,D)

Y11: (changed teacher) Started off with an A* (ok polynomials and matrices is an easy topic) - all Bs afterwards including mocks

hardest topics: vectors(especially relative velocity), coordinate geometry, rate of change (the dv/dt...), integration by parts, the unconventional linear law questions (it was taught as one of the last topics which is always kinda rushed esp. because it was completed in 1 1/2 years)

Most people say that the AA HL is easier than the old HL because the whole of discrete math and poisson distribution has been removed. (obv stuff has been added but most people say it's easier) From what I know, you don't get any UCAS points from SL subjects and UK universities look at HL Math as the same standard as A level math? (which is completely unfair because it is definitely more similar to SL level) but I really want study in the UK. I didn't really consult the teacher much at IGCSE but I have learnt my lesson and feel more comfortable asking questions in class now. I've been asking more questions and also learning A LOT MORE. I've pretty much eliminated Canada (or at least Quebec) from the list, because I lived there for 4 months and I absolutely hated it. Also, probably not the USA either because to get into any decent university there you need SATs (which are mostly multiple choice which I suck at). Most universities won't ask to pick a major in the first year, and you still do all subjects - and my IB exam is the LAST time I want to even touch literature.

Is starting with 4HLs (Bio, Chem, Math AA, Econ) and dropping whichever I find to hard or I don't need for my future (when I decide what I want to do at uni) crazy? (the difference for economics between SL and HL isn't that big - at least for the first part)

I have absolutely no idea why not doing HL math has been annoying me since I got my results on August 14th, 2019.


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