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Hi all, I am a DP1 student studying at the American International School of Mozambique 

We started working on our Historical investigations earlier in the year with little support, my HI title is How accurate (historically speaking) is the 2015 film “suffragette”

Firstly my sources, 

Is it best to choose 2 primary sources (for the COPVL) and then compare them to the film in question, or, should I choose 1 primary source and then make the other source the film? 

Right now what I have done for my introduction is stated the question, timeframe of when the film is supposedly set and discussed my aim, which is essentially to compare and contrast between the film and the real-life events. 

Also, my teacher keeps talking about key perspectives and analysing them via sources?

please help any way you guys can     

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I would choose two primary sources, to help make your HI longer, that way you can compare the two primary sources with each other and the movie. Key perspectives just means looking at the main points of view from influential people/characters in the movie (I'm not sure who that would be, I haven't seen the movie) and show in your paper how the points of view differ from your sources and the movie. 

Hope this helps!

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