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To those of you who did really good on your Tok presentation, do you have any key tips on creating a strong presentation? In dire need of help... ToK/EE

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Basically TOK *is* the TOK diagram ie Ways of Knowing and Areas of Knowledge. The goal of the presentation is kind of to describe the relationship between areas of knowledge and different ways of knowing. Ethics is usually an area in which people score badly because a lot of people confuse TOK for ethics/nebulousness, when in fact it's about exploring the diagram. Ethics is difficult to apply the ways of knowing in any kind of active way and hence people tend to score poorly because I think you'd need to have a very acute sense of what you were doing to score well. 

I suggest picking *any* topic and then applying the ways of knowing. Even stuff in the news would be fine. Really any topic where you can dissect it and say we use way of knowing X and then way of knowing Y and then way of knowing Z in order to understand this topic, which is most stuff. Some ethical topics would fit this bill completely, but they're also usually done to death.

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