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Math HL IA Help

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Hey all,

I've been in a lot of stress trying to find a math HL IA topic. One that I've thought of concerns using calculus in medicine to do something relating to blood flow using poiseuille's law; however, I don't know what I can do or investigate. I'm truly lost and any help would be appreciated :( .

I got inspiration from the blood flow portion of this Prezi:https://prezi.com/z56alvfoyncf/calculus-applications-to-biology-and-medicine/

Another topic I thought of involves using various tumor growth models/equations to determine the best model as demonstrated here:http://f18.middlebury.edu/MATH0225A/Projects/Chapter%202%20Projects/Cancer%20Growth.pdf. However, I cannot find any data regarding tumor growth.

I know I seem very vague but I have been struggling and anything is a start for me.



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