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I recently received my IB marks a few days ago and I'm not really happy with it at all ( like at all :( ). My total score is 25 & I missed the upper boundary grade by 1 point in 3 different subjects & both the EE & TOK, meaning that I could have achieved a higher mark.

I failed to get into my course by 3 points & am thinking of two options:

1. apply to a different course for now and then transferring to my original course throughout the semester

2. remark some of the subjects where I'm off by 1 point from the upper boundary grade

At this point, I don't really know what to do but go with option 1, but I'm afraid my offer for my original course would still be rejected (due to my atar being lower than the selection rank, etc). Do you guys have any recommendations? I'm really worried I won't get into the course I want to because I've been wanting to do it for years now & I really don't feel like I want to do any other course.

Thanks in advance!

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Consider to have the subjects remarked while applying to retake the exam as a backup plan if you really want to get yourself into the course you wanted for years. Don't waste time doing other course that you don't want and hoping to transfer to another one; it may not happen as you wish.

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