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Film Extended Essay

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Hi. I am currently lost in the depths of how I am going to begin my EE. I was told not to change my topic because of how late it is to start over. My topic is demntia and my teacher advised me to take up on the topic of film. I do not know how to go from here with this topic and how the filmic techniques portray dementia. I want to use the films “Still Alice” and “Away from her.” I was wondering if anyone can help me formulate my body #1 and my subtopics.

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If you are talking about technical stuff, filters such as pro mist, strong flare and light shine into the lens (blowns out image) could be perfectly valid answers in production. But I doubt it's valid in film studies (I don't take film studies). Jump cuts can also be used in post to simulate memory loss. But both of these have more relation to a unconscious mind.

You might need to look into how actors perform (often through doing things that are "dumb"). 

But I think this is a very weird topic to take. Dementia is very rarely used topic in film. I've not heard a single production or even ideas in my 5 years working as cinematographer professionally. Other emotions such as loneliness and trapped are much more common and easier to analysis. 

Let me know if there's more I can help, I'm also trying to take a film EE so would appreciate chance to practice.

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