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IB chemistry IA idea review

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Hi I need help in choosing another chem IA. 

This is because my last chem IA idea did not work (How does changing the concentration of water using sodium chloride affect the enthalpy change of hydration copper (II) sulfate?). This is a shame as I feel that the way I wrote this chem IA was really good. 

Here are some ideas that I have come up with/found and I was wondering which ones are suitable to get me a high 6/7. 


Use different acids to see which is most effective at catalyzing the esterification of propanoic acid

Effect of temperature on enzyme activity. Monitor the rate at which amylase breaks down starch into maltose at various temperatures to find the optimum for the enzyme and with that, the activation energy of the chemical reaction. 

• An expansion of the determination of manganese in a paper clip.

• Extraction of oil from spices (using different sources of spices, different storage conditions)

• The amount of nitrogen in fertilizers (reacting with excess NaOH and titrating with standard HCl)

• The effect of temperature on vitamin C content in red pepper juice.

• The effect of temperature on the pH of ascorbic acid solutions








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