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Hey everyone! I'm currently in the period of time to choose my topics and making proposals for the Math IA and I'm currently choosing to try do a research on Badminton. I really love Badminton and have been playing it since i was a child so i really love it and i am very interested in it. But i need some help on ideas what i can do research in the ideas for Badminton.  I hope that anyone can help me by giving a little idea or anything that can help me with my Math IA. I need help cause i'm not that great in Math. And i did found some relations between math and badminton.

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Vectors and footwork, aerial view. PE: Better grasp and improvement of footwork. This seems to be the easy option to me.

Function/Integration: Swinging the Badminton racket. PE: Improvement of your swing and maximising the area (power) you can create with your swinging arm. (Larger area of swing/more power... this is also relative to speed of your swing but this is outside of the syllabus and things get more physics-y)

You can also do the classic measure the function created by the trajectory of a shuttlecock which may or may not be boring when the examiner reads your IA. Besides how does measuring the trajectory help your playing? Have a good think about whether a topic can help you get points in all the criterions before you go ahead. Best of luck.

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