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Help I am considering to change schools half year through Ib which means having to repeat grade 11 all over again

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Hi I’m an Ib student currently doing grade 11, I have lived and studied on a small island for the past 8 years. Even though In a way I like it here this school year has opened my eyes to factors that make me and my family in a position to consider to move to Europe. It would allow us to initially become more happier, for my mum to start working and for me to be able to look at universities and take all the subjects I truly want  to take (some are not offered in my current school) also move from a place where there is nothing to do. We started looking for schools and found one in Europe where we might see our future. Unfortunately they won’t accept me this year and want me to come next year under the condition that I will start grade 11 all over again as they know from experience that doing grade 12 in another school with different topics is extremely though. And this is the problem I don’t know what to do with this. I would truly want to move but doing another year of Ib is though especially since I have worked so hard on this one and I would have one year to go until graduation (this is the only thing that stops me from moving). Of course there are benefits of doing another year as I will be half way through my Ee and know how to do stuff but I don’t know. The decision of moving is put on me and I don’t know what to do about it. Has someone gone through a similar experience or can give advice please I really need help😣


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It sounds like you and your family will have more opportunity and much happier in Europe than staying where you are! I will suggest repeating grade 11 and choose the subjects that you really like!! You will be able to get higher score with subjects that you enjoy most and get into your dream university. You will then have a future that you want. Repeating 1 year is nothing compared to your long life in Europe. All the best.

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