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Applying for Economics and politics in the UK

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Hey guys,I hope everyone is well!

I will be applying to some of the top universities in the UK as I am looking to pursue a career in economics and political science.I am currently taking Math SL but I am worried that I won't be able to get in since most of the universities require math HL.I am applying to both LSE and UCL so the places are very competitive.I currently have a predicted grade of 41/42 with 7,7,6 in my HL courses with a 7 in maths SL and a 6 in Chemistry HL.I formulated a perfect personal statement in which I talked about my passion for the subject as well as some of the extracurricular activities I had done in parallel to my school education.Can anybody assist me in this matter?Has anybody been in this position before?The reason I didn't take math HL was because there were only 3 student in the HL class and the school closed the HL class because they need a minimum of 8 students.I am currently taking economics HL and my average in the subject in 98/100, the highest grade in the past 6 years of IB2 classes.I meet all the requirements that both LSE and UCL require, the only issue is the math HL.I would appreciate it greatly if somebody can help me with this matter as I don't have much information.


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