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Math IA HL: interpreting subject reports

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I have a question concerning criterion D, reflection. So, in the N14 subject report they state that "reflection needs to take place throughout the exploration, through candidates isolating themselves from the problem, to see it from another point of view and to analyze its limits...", now what do they mean when they say that we should analyze the limits of the problem? I get that we should reflect and evaluate our approach and recognize limits such as assumptions but what’s this all about? Furthermore, in the N15 subject report it is stated that “critical reflection has a metacognitive aspect to it that involves isolating a problem, looking at it from different perspectives and analyzing the findings”, about looking at it from different perspectives, if my IA is based on a mixing problem in calculus (you know when you have a certain rate of liquid coming in and a certain rate coming out of a bucket) and I want to find when the concentration reaches x in the bucket (using differential equations) then how can I look at that from different perspectives? I know this is a long question lol but I would very much appreciate your answers :)

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I don't have the specific subject reports so my interpretations may be skewed.

"Analyze the limits" means to identify limitations or potential next steps for the IA, in terms of the investigation, scope, or assumptions. For what circumstances does your IA is valid? Can the conclusions be extended to other scenarios? What is something you would like to improve about the IA?

"Looking at it from different perspectives" likely means multiple approaches from solving the problem. For your mixing problem, you may be able to set up the same initial differential equation multiple ways, solve the DiffEQ multiple ways, or to set up entirely different DiffEQ for the same scenario.

Looking at subject reports is definitely a correct and important step to take. Keep it up!

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