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English EE - comparative study between two works or just focus on one work? Which is more meritable?

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Hi guys,

So I decided on focusing on my EE in Language and Literature. I am a Junior in IB and take Language and Literature as one of my HL's, and in 10th grade, my school opted for the external IB examinations, which I actually scored well at. However, I shifted schools, and my current school does not have as high of a level of IB as my old school did. Now, I've been researching on the tips and pointers to get an A in an english EE, and I had a question. Will it be better if I do my extended essay by comparing two works, or using TWO works with similar ideas to support each other?


Do I just focus on one work?

I talked to the Extended Essay Coordinator at my school (who is coincidentally also the Lang & Lit coordinator) and she advised me to only go forward with one work. However, I want to get an A in the EE, and I have been researching sources that say that comparative analysis of two works can get you a higher mark. I don't think my current school has a very high level of IB and their goals for a 45/45 in IB aren't very appealing, so their standard is not very high. I also looked at the IB Lang & Lit EE guide, and it mentions "two or more works" as a option. I'm leaning towards doing more than one book, but my teachers are telling me to only do one. 

Any help from you guys would be much appreciated!!!

Thank you!

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