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Switching from IB Physics to Biology?

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So i'm having a sort of dilemma. I'm in the middle of my first year of IB1 (just finished the first semester and my December exams) BUT I'm doing terrible in  SL physics and am really thinking of switching to SL biology. My physics teacher is really bad and has completely ruined my interest and like cannot teach. I also really don't want to risk my grades because of him. The only issue is that i've missed an entire semester of biology. I took IGCSE bio in y9 and enjoyed it, then did physics in y10 and y11 so decided to stay with it in IB because i did not know that i would be getting a new physics teacher (bad idea cause the new guy sucks). So I really don't know what I should do because i don't want to keep doing badly because of my teacher, but i also don't want to be super behind in biology. I've talked to my IB coordinator and she said she would talk to my physics teacher about how to help, but my parents think I should just switch to bio. If anyone has any advice please please please answer!! Thank you:)))

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It depends on what subject you need for university. our current chemistry teacher is a sweet lady but I really get confused during her classes so the only option for me has been to self-study. But if you're adamant on biology, dont worry about missing out on the first parts of the syllabus because theyre really simple. Im assuming  you've finished around topic 1-3 which are mainly cells and genes and stuff that are really simple to self-study. Biology in general is understanding the concept and knowing how to link them to each other. You could either watch alex lee on youtube or ask your friends for their notes or just read through the book and do a few worksheets. 

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