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Switching Schools mid way IB1 or at the end?

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So I'm at a bit of a dilemma here. I recently moved to Germany from Kenya at the beginning of this school year and I have been very disappointed. I don't feel like this is the environment I fit into and overall I don't enjoy being here as much as I wish to. This combined with deep nostalgia for Kenya has led me to talk to my parents about it and figure out something. My dad has since started looking for jobs in Kenya again and there is a possibility of moving back for the beginning of the semester. My problem is I can't seem to able to figure out whether it is better for me to move mid IB1 or tell my parents we can wait until the end of the school year. This is because I'm afraid the course work might not be as continuous and distinct to catch-up after only half a year than if it were after a whole year. Additionally I fear for potential IAs they might have started in the first and continued in the second semester or for example how I would fit in to their EE schedule (would I be able to keep my subject, topic etc...).

I hope some of you will know better than I do and help me here. Because I used to go to this school before I am not bothered by any social problems as all my friends are already there (because I know having to suffer through the IB alone is even harder) and I'm almost 100% sure my course work could follow over quite easily. 

My courses are currently as follows:

History HL

Geography HL

English A Lang & Lit HL

Math Analysis SL

Biology SL

Spanish B SL (Currently Self-Taught but its offered at the school in Kenya)

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Hi, i have no experience whatsoever with transferring so you can disregard my comment if it's not applicable to you but i suggest since you mentioned that in your previous school your friends are there is to ask them their progress in the syllabus and with their IAs and EE and compare it to you school's. If both in between the sy and the end is fine with your parents and your situation, it's going to depend largely on whether or not you can catch up. I hope I helped even a little bit.

Also, I am considering applying to Germany for university so if you don't mind could you describe the environment and if it's welcoming to foreigners in general because as a person who's leaving my bubble of comfort in the UAE, I'm really hoping to find a second home there. Thank you so much.

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