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How to write better reports and essays and doing better on MYP program

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I'm a grade 9 (MYP4) student who only started my MYP study a few months ago. 

I come from a Chinese public school which is holding a totally different teaching method compare to my current school. As a new student, I did not work so well on my first semester and most of grades I got are between 4 to 6. (exception for Chinese because I've studied it for a long while). especially for some assessments like essays and lab reports, which are mostly graded for criteria B,C and D. 

In addition, my English ability is not such bad, so I don't have to be too worry about listen to teachers during the class.

I'd love to get some advices on how to write better essays and reports, also how to become an academic powerful student in the MYP program. 

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As far as reports are concerned, research as much as you can, and get them done as soon as possible. The more you can have others look over your work (e.x. Friends, peers, teachers), the better you’ll be prepared. Also, MYP is tough, the more you study and turn in formatives, the better you’ll perform overall. I’m also in ninth, but I’ve been apart of MYP since sixth grade, these are the skills I have learned overtime.

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