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English EE - How to make my RQ more clear?

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Hey there, I have just met with my supervisor for the EE and he told me to fix my research question by making it clearer for the examinor to understand what I will be discussing in my essay.

Here's my RQ:

How do "Letters to a young poet" by Rainer Rilke and "Letters to a young Muslim" by Omar Ghobash work independently in their context to arrive towards the same outcome of achieving individuality and modesty.

I tried my best to convey what I want to talk about in the essay but he told me that I need to use better words to clarify this part "work independently in their own context". I want to say that both books are meant for different audiences from different fields (one's for a poet, and the other is for the son of the writer talking about modern problems). What can I write to convey what I want to say in the clearest way possible?

Thank you in advance :)


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