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EE-2018 Guide contradiction? [EE-Language acquisition,Cat. 2 (a)]

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I was wondering why their example is within their expectations , but seemingly does not fit the criteria?

 they state:

"2(a): Essays of a sociocultural nature about the impact of a cultural change on language The essay should consist of a cultural analysis of the impact of a particular issue on the form or use of the language."

example given : "The effects of globalization on language and social media in the Middle East"

golablisation being a big topic affecting many countries I dont understand how it fits within their criteria A :

"For category 1 (language) and category 2 (culture and society) essays, the introduction must make clear how the chosen topic is specific or of special interest to the target culture and/or language . Overly broad topics on society, social movements or general media issues should be avoided."

I was hoping to write an Essay about how Climate Change changed the usage of  the english language by media/Brands in England, now I am not sure if this would fail criteria A.

Is that still possible or is my "particular issue" not related closely enough to British culture ?




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