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Is there a correlation between bond angle and reactivity of a molecule?

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I am trying to complete a chemistry database and have been trying to look for a Chem topic for 4 weeks now. I missed the rough draft due date since I've been trying to search for a good interesting topic for so long when I finally came to this.

Is there a correlation between bond angles and reactivity of a molecule? 

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get much information out of this yet. Is there a correlation?

If not, I could change it so it's "effect of bond angles on boiling point" or something like that.


What do you think?

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Finding correlation in physics or chemistry IAs is just not what the examiners are looking for. Yes there is a non-zero correlation but you are not able to find it and the findings won't explain anything. IAs should be about theories whether they describe experimental findings. If you are so set on bond angles, you can look at how different functional groups affect bond angles or bond lengths. However, database IAs tend to score statistically poorer than IAs with a reaction or some laboratory work. 

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