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Questions for the Math IA

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I'm trying to come up with an idea for the math sl IA. I was going to do the probability of poker when using a mixed deck, but "gambling" and "poker" are blocked words on the school, so I'd like to switch topics. I want to something in statistics, but I just don't have a good idea of what question to ask. I also want to find something that I can get a data set for.

Ideas I'm interested in:

How popular movies may lead to people going into college majors (like if a popular movie had a cop main character, did more people go into criminology type of thing)

                     - or like when a big movie with deaf characters comes out, is there a rise in enrollment in sign language classes

'Fake out' correlations, like when two things seem related, but a third factor is affecting the results (trying to figure out a question I could ask for this. . . or how to go about it)

Other statistical comparisons (give me ideas!)


help would be appreciated. 

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