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HL Maths IA help

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My HL maths IA is basically on spinning tops. It concerns how the change in its radius with respect to height of the z axis changes. In that, I show how one spinning top has a higher moment of inertia than the other? 

Is this a good math IA? Does it have the right amount of maths? I am aiming for a grade 6/7 and need help. 
Also How would I go about keeping the volume constant for the two spinning tops? Would I find the volumes of each spinning top separately and then find a scale factor? How would that work? 


Sorry for so many questions. But I need help. Also any other proposals around the topic of moment of inertia would be helpful. I do not mind changing topics but would rather keep it similar to inertia. 

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It's a good start but you have to flesh out the details further to narrow the scope of your investigation. As a next start you should find the shape of spinning tops in terms of a particular equation that you can optimize.

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