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SL Analysis vs SL Applied

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Hey all, 


I'm currently taking an IGCSE curriculum, and am finding it difficult choosing between SL Analysis and SL Applied for my mathematics IB course. I'm looking to going into a form of environmental science in Australia.


I'm not the greatest at math, but I am able to pass most tests and am currently on a 4/9. My parents and I are very concerned about my ability to take the SL Analysis course as my school has told me it is impossible for me to take the extended test (which apparently you need a 7 in to get into SL Analysis) due to them thinking that I won't pass it. 


I've continued to be taught the regular syllabus despite me having been told I can't. My question to you guys is, do you think I should just do the foundation test? And if I did would it be possible for me to take analysis in IB? And lastly, is analysis even necessary for what I'm thinking of doing - would I still get in with applied?


tl:dr: confused and lazy highschooler suddenly stressed about the ib 

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