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I want to study astrophysics at university and my IB option choice deadline is in a few days. I am debating between taking SL Chemistry or Theater Arts. 

Currently I am planning on taking:

HL Physics, Maths, English Lit

SL Economics, Spanish B, Chem/Theater

The problem is that I love both chemistry and theater equally and consider myself to be pretty decent at both. I am not willing to drop any of the two because I thoroughly enjoy both so now I don't know what to do as I don't require either of them for studying physics or even astrophysics at university level. (I am taking HL English because I might consider studying Law btw) 

Can anyone help me out? 



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I hope this isn't too late!

Some universities, for science programs like physics, require that you have taken two sciences in high school (at least in Canada). But you say that chem isn't required for university.

If I were in your position, I would take chemistry to keep options open. Even if the universities that you will apply to do not require chemistry, having a background in chem would still beneficial in studying science. Chemistry also keeps your options open if you decide to apply to universities that require two IB sciences.

If you choose chemistry, you could join a theatre group, which would count for CAS. It is much easier to do theatre as an extracurricular than chemistry.

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