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Is this a good choice to get a 38+/42 on the IB?

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Chose Econ and History because its interesting and I think I could do well in them. I chose Spanish because its easy and I wanna get some free points. I chose the SL's because they are not that hard and would keep me interested. The only thing I wouldn't change is ECON HL and ENGLISH SL. Is this a good choice that could maximize my points.

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I would say so. I don't know how strong you are in ECON, but the other HL subjects are easy to get 6s and 7s in. The SL subjects should be no problem, especially if you took Extended Math in 10th grade. I'm currently facing a similar problem, trying to choose subjects relevant to my future career choice, and at the same time get a 40+.

I'm taking: HL Econ, Math AA, Physics.. SL German B, English Lit, Theatre

I recommend taking Theatre as an SL as I've heard it's the easiest 6th subject option. 

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