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Physics SL or HL?

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I am a junior and currently taking my first year of IB.

I am planning to major in business or economics in college, and am currently taking HL Physics, HL Math application, HL Visual art, economics for SL. I am planning to go to the US or Canada for college, and I know that the requirements for the IB subjects is not as strict as it is in the UK, so I was wondering if I should take HL Physics or take SL Physics and raise economics to HL, because I like both subjects, but I am struggling with Physics right now. 


How different in terms of difficulty is HL physics and Sl physics?  Also, if HL physics would benefit my future career, then I am ought and willing to try taking Physics at HL, but if not, I am wondering if I should change it to economics HL instead. Does anyone have any opinion please? I am really struggling :(



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