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Switching Subjects **PLEASE HELP IM BEGGING**

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I want to switch from Spanish SL to chinese AB intio but its almost been a year. My ib coordinator says that I cannot switch because I am heritage of china although I cannot speak, read or write chinese??? Also she says that there needs to be 150 hours of teaching meet before the end of the year. To my knowledge I heard you can take an online course on top of the course at school to fulfil the 150 teaching hours.


I don't see why I cannot take AB Initio chinese. Could someone please clarify about the heritage thing thanks.


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According to the IB website, 

" language ab initio course is a language acquisition course for students with no prior experience of the target language, or for those students with very limited previous experience"

So if Chinese is your family heritage language and you are "supposed" to have exposure to this language before, your school won't let you take Chinese ab initio. In fact, my school only allowed Chinese B HL for all students with Chinese as their heritage language.

If you are struggling with Spanish SL, can you switch to Spanish ab initio instead?

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I would just try and stick it out with Spanish and maybe get some tutoring(?) as it is very late to change and if your school won't let you take chinese AB initio then there isn't much that you can do unless you could take another AB initio language? But I suggest keeping Spanish at this point.

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