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Requirements to do AB INITIO SPANISH

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I am currently a student taking IB  and a subject I have been quite struggling with is SL Spanish. I have taken Spanish for 3 years prior but I still have been finding it very difficult to keep up with classmates and do well in tests. I was wondering if it was possible to move down to AB Initio Spanish even though I have prior experience in that language. I have asked my IB coordinater and she said no. Is there any where I can find the offical regulations to this.  Also would like to know  where she gets this information from because she would not tell me where it says.



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I am currently taking Spanish ab initio.  According to the IB website,

" language ab initio course is a language acquisition course for students with no prior experience of the target language, or for those students with very limited previous experience". 

So you are not eligible to take Spanish ab initio after 3 years with the language. Hope this helps!


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