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Need help finding sources for history IA ( due on 28 October 2019)

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I need help finding sources for my History IA. I already made an outline of what I want to include, but have been having trouble finding sources to help me.


Point 1: Olympics used as a vehicle to disseminate propaganda.


- Evidence: talk about Propaganda @ Olympic 

Explanation: Show/ prove how Olympic propaganda lead to Nazi rise of power

-Larger audience, international column, tool

Linkage: Relate it back to question 


  • First Olympic to be televised

  • Reach 41 countries


  • German Jewish athletes were barred or prevented from taking part by a variety of methods


Point 2: legitimized Nazi regime

Evidence: From sources; USA response or initial part

Explain: Prove how US part was significant for Nazi Power


Point 3: Other factors that lead to the rise of Nazi power


Evidence: other factor (focus on a couple)

Explanation: other factors had larger role in rise of Nazi power


Point 4: Olympic were a failure of Nazi power

    EX. Jesse Owens success during the Olympic







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