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I am currently working on my ESS IA regarding EVS, so I did a survey, but some of the results overlapped in the EVS. Like, one person might have equal points in both technocentric and ecocentric. Is that possible, or does this mean there is a fault in my method? please reply as soon as you see this, because my first draft is do in less than 10 days


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Of course it's possible, as you know, there is an EVS spectrum with a variety of EVSses that sort of fall in between (environmental managers, soft ecologist, etc.). You could add this as a challenge you faced while reflecting, or maybe add more categories of EVSses (from what it sounds like you are doing), where you categorise people according to soft ecologist, environmental managers, ecocentric, etc. 

Show evidence that you were prompted to add more categories, and it will show how you developed your method. Good luck! 

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