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University in USA and Canada SAT and/or IB requirements

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Hey guys, I've got around 28-32 IB points and still need to take the SAT possibly in the next week or so as it got cancelled for some reason, long story. But what universities should I apply to for business management with these scores in Canada. Aiming for 1300+ in the SAT too, but just for safety lets say I get 1200. So which uni's should I apply to in USA for business also, possibly econ but my math score wasn't the greatest, sl math at a level 4. 

My current scores for predicted (not yet taken the transcript but I've asked my teachers)

HL Business - 6

HL English Lang Lit - 6


SL French Ab Initio - 5

SL ESS - 5

SL Math - 4

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A good BBA program in Canada is offered by Brock University and I think you have a good chance with these scores.

You could possibly also get into McGill University. However, University of Toronto and UBC are highly unlikely with these grades.

I'm not sure about business schools in the U.S though.

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