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Switching into an IB course late??

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I’m an ibcp student and taking US history honors and I have been trying to switch into IB history of the americas for 3 weeks now but my school isn’t letting me because of the seat time requirement. Especially because now I would be 8 weeks behind, but that seems like a very minimal value out of 2 whole years right? Is seat time mandated by IB or is there something i can do to still switch in and make that time up? If you’ve switched into an IB class late, how late and how did you make up the seat time? I want this class so badly. If you have any advice please help before it is truly too late because so much time has already passed. Thank you.  

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On 10/5/2019 at 2:22 PM, ChrisH said:

Yea. IBDP needs a lot of time. Dont recommend you to jump into IB with less than 2 years of time cuz you need to do the internal assessments and Extended Essays, and starts to plan at the beginning of the course


Not the entire DP program, just switching one honors class on my CP schedule to an IB class.

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