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CHEM IA help - does my idea make any sense?

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I've been struggling with my chem ia topic - every idea I have turns out to be too hard to pursue with my current knowledge and skills or I just have no idea how to come up with an actual method to measure something. My teacher isn't too helpful either - she isn't too keen to give me any tips or help me develop my ideas into a valid research question.

Lately, I've been thinking about investigating how does the presence of different metal ions affect the rate of hydrolysis of esters.

Is it a good idea, should I take it seriously and look into it? And what method could I use?

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Well, you can do stuff like investigating the concentration of vitamin C for a tablet in various temperatures. For example, investigate the content of vitamin B or C in a vegetable at various cooked temperature for a fixed amount of time. You can even frezzed it to have more data, becuase vitamin B and C will be affected when exposed to heat. Plot a graph with your data and explain the trend.   I actaully did a similar one for my IA and got 22/24 in my IA XD.

If you wanted to do stuff life medicine at uni, you may want to do your IA in related topics and areas. I recommend you to read option D first if thats the case. 

This guide is really powerful !!!

Option D revision guide : https://ibdp-chemistryultimaterevisionguide.blogspot.com/2019/10/option-d-medicinal-chemistry-sl.html


I wanted to help more people just like you ! Good luck to you !!! 

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