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My son is finishing the HL IB math this year (at the end of his 10th grade), but the IB program is saying that he can't be allowed to take the HL exams until the end of 12th grade. Moreover, they would ask him to take the math HL classes again. Has anyone heard of people taking IB exams early? Thank you! 

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IB courses are generally taken as 11th and 12th grade, with the ability to take exams following either year. It's my understanding that you generally cannot be enrolled in the IB diploma program if you are not in 11th or 12th grade. Now, this doesn't mean you cannot take IB classes before then. Speaking from experience, I took 2 exams, the maximum allowed by IB, as an 11th grader. IB only allows SL exams following year 1 (11th grade). I also took the first half of SL math in 10th grade, so I could either test out in 11th grade at SL or take the two year HL course at my school. 

You are allowed to take IB exams over the course of 3 years. Those 3 years are defined as either anticipated (11), diploma (12), and retake or diploma (12), retake, and retake. 

In short, I do not believe it is possible to take IB exams earlier than the end of 11th grade. And even then, they are only allowed to be SL exams. It appears, in your case your son will have to wait till the end of 12th grade in order to take the IB HL math exam.


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