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A gap year before medicine?

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Hello, I'm an IB student finishing IB this year. I've came across this decision on which advice would be highly appreciated.

I had a wish to study medicine at UK, but actually missed the deadline of UCAT tests. (yes I'm that stupid) And truly all universities I wanted to apply to require UCAT.

My question is how bad it would be to take a gap year and than try to enter medicine at UK university? I would obviously work on volunteering or jobs at clinics to spend the gap year usefully. I'm just scared of how badly could it decrease my chance of getting a place at a university after a gap year?

Thank you so much for any opinions or advices

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Quite a lot of people actually take gap years before applying to med school and I’m pretty sure this will most likely not negatively impact your chances of being accepted.

Actually, quite a lot of people take a gap year to increase their chances of getting into med school, for instance, someone that may not of done as well on the UCAT as they wanted would take a gap year in order to retake it the next year to get a higher score which increases their chances. So think of the gap year as a chance to better yourself as you have more time to prepare... and you get an extra long holiday!!! 

(So I guess missing the deadline might of helped you in the long haul)

hope this helped a bit :)

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