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Is it necessary to take notes in IB?

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I just started the IB(September 2019), had a few classes already. The thing is the teachers I have had classes with so far do not give notes, they just show up with slides(powerpoints) we go through them with the teacher's explanation of each and they send it to us to save in our laptops, then give some worksheets and that's it. I felt as to write notes for a time, like summary notes, but I  looked up some online and they are pretty simple and concise enough to use them for revision overtime and for revisions. So, my question is why should I take notes (summary notes)if there are available online in multiple forms like pdf and even youtube videos ??

P.S: It is only been two weeks that school started. I am a pretty serious students and since some of my teachers have not shown up(my school is a new IB school and they are having difficulties finding some teachers) I read some notes ahead in my textbooks and review them from time to time. I think I could continue like that for the rest of the program, but I just want to make sure that I will not regret it if I continue like this.
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Taking notes is usually dependent on the quality and clarity of instruction in your class, but also depends on how you function as a student. If you feel like you can get by and score adequately on assessments by doing what you're doing right now, then by all means go for it. For me personally, I feel like I have to write or at least take in the information via something other than just simply reading the content in order to fully comprehend the concepts at hand. But like you, my teachers also provide us with powerpoints and leaves it up to us to do some self-revision and go over things that aren't perfectly clear outside of class time. Personally, also having a physical copy of the powerpoints and PDFs I encounter in class also helps as well, so I stop by my public library after class to print them out; and only write summarized notes on the concepts I don't understand just from lectures and the powerpoints.

TL;DR: If you feel like you can understand the materials just from looking at online / provided material, go for it. Everyone is different, and not everyone needs to take notes for a class to do well. Hope this helps!

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Taking notes is good to remember the important points regarding what a facilitator taught in the class. One of my students always takes notes in bulletin points and he elaborate that points and try to make an essay. I appreciate his note taking activity in the class. 

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