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data inconclusive = failed ee?

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I'm doing a bio ee and I gathered and processed all the data but I'm facing a dilemma, what should I do if there is no correlation/relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable? I'm really scared that I'm going to fail, I'm hoping to get a B but I'd be happy with a C...

Can someone that has experienced this give me some advice?? should I fake the data or should I explain why there's no correlation?

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Presumably you expected a correlation and that logic underpinned your explanation of the thinking behind your experiment. You shouldn't fabricate the data. If there is a massive flaw in your experiment design that led the failure it won't reflect hugely well, although it would have to be pretty massive. These things happen and actually a lot of things we set out to prove in science come back with negative results, and those results are just as valuable because they tell us information that goes against what we expected and challenge our thinking.

You're marked on evaluating your experiment and analysing your data, so you just need to address whether there are any flaws in the experiment or tweaks you could have made to explain the results you got and why the data didn't fit what you expected. In other words, what's the biological explanation (and/or contribution of human error) that gave you the results you got.

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