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HL Physics or HL Chemistry

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Hello, I'm a Junior starting IB this year, and I'm currently taking HL Visual Art, HL Application and Interpretation and HL Physics.

However, currently, I am struggling as to whether I should take Physics or Chemistry. I like different fields of chemistry and physics, and I initially chose physics because 1) it matches better with my other subjects, and 2) I like how physics is more logical, and how once you understand, the following steps is quite easy to do. However, three weeks in of IB and I feel like I'm not good enough to do physics HL, especially because everyone around me is so smart.

I also heard that physics requires talent and I don't think I have any talent in physics, or even talent in math, even though it requires a lot of math. Since I really want to take HL science, I am considering taking Chemistry HL instead of Physics HL, but I don't really know if that is a good decision, because both Physics and Chemistry syllubus seems really interesting to me. Also, I think Physics matches better with my other HL's, and since I don't know where I want to go for University yet, I want to keep my options broad, but I feel like I might score better in Chemistry.

Is there any suggestion as to which course is more difficult and demanding?

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Both are the hardest subjects in group 4 if not in the entire IB programme, there is no legit way to compare the difficulty of botht he subjects. Both are HL sciences so they have got to be challenging and rigorous so just take the one which relates with your career path and most importantly the one that iterests you the most. Dont base your descision on how much you will be able to score. If you really think you wont be able to cope up with the physics course than try sitting in some chem hl lectures. in my Case i chose CS as my group 4 subject as it was interesting and challenging when compared with ESS which is considered a piss easy subject by IBers all over the world.

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