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EE on sleep and dreams!


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Im having trouble deciding on what question should I pick to do my EE.


I have some of them here and I’d appreciate if you guys told me the better one from your point of view.


To what extent is the influence of sleep on emotional and cognitive processing a primarily trait?


To what extent does emotions affect with the cognitive process?


To what extent are dreams related to psychosis?


To what extent is schizophrenia and dreaming linked?


The role of REM sleep in cognitive processing. 

I’d love suggestions, opinions or anything you want to say! Thanks in advance. 

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I think that you should research on the potential studies that you can use in your EE and narrow your choice based on the number of studies that each question has. 

Personally, I think that the relationship between schizophrenia and dreaming is an interesting and unique topic, but that's just my personal opinion.

As I said intense research is the key to effectively select a topic.

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